Apply for Joint Home Loan – Benefits, Eligibility, and Tax Savings

Owning a Home of your dreams takes work. With the rising cost of home purchases in urban areas, it is difficult to get home loans to fund the purchase. Not just finding the perfect to build your family, but also

Understanding the guidance value of a property

You might have heard the term guidance value while buying or registering an apartment or land in Bangalore. This term is the key to deciding the valuation of the property in the given region, city, and state. The guidance value

Buying a Second Home in India

Planning to buy a second home? Here are the pros and cons.

Owning a home is a dream for many and only a few are privileged enough to own a second one. Buying a second home is more of a financial decision than an emotional one. There are pros and cons around

How does apartment ownership work?

Owning a flat or a Villa has a different kind of property ownership compared to freehold land ownership. In a gated community, the ownership of the property is divided into shares. Defined as an Undivided Share of Land, let’s understand

Spotted Landowners Share Flats available? Understand before buying.

In most residential projects, the developer does not own the land on which the construction is taking place. There are pre-signed contracts between the developer and the landowner regarding the shareholding in the projects where they both individually enjoy the

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