Partner Program

Welcome to Money Mango Partner Programme

Money mango provides you with a fantastic opportunity to improve your financial situation. Simply refer us if you are a company looking to assist personal loan applicants in getting a loan quickly. By recommending personal loan applicants to the Money mango partner programme, you can earn money on every successful loan disbursement.

What is Money Mango Partner Program?

Money Mango’s Partner Scheme works similarly to an affiliate programme, allowing you to promote Money Mango on your website and earn benefits for each successful disbursement we make to your referral.

How Money Mango Partner Program works?

  • Introduce your audience to Upwards
  • Help personal loan, Home loan, Construction loan, Home Improvement loan, Balance transfer, Mortgage loan etc.,.  applicants get a loan
  • Get paid when the loan is sanctioned

Who can be a part of Money Mango Partner Program?

SMBs, start-ups, and others who can suggest  Home Loan & Other loans ( Purchase, Construction, Mortgage, Balance transfer etc.,)  candidates


  • Earn rewards on every successful loan disbursal
  • Get paid regularly
  • Zero efforts required from your end
  • When the applicant gets a loan, you EARN
  • Automatic sales commission
  • Zero financial risk
  • Monetize your audience

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