Beware of tax Implications on Selling a Property

Timing is the most important thing when you sell a house or a property. Else, you will end up paying hefty taxes. To understand how timing affects the tax you have to pay, let’s understand the tax structure on profits

Protect your Home with an Insurance 

Home Insurance might sound like a new concept but it has been around for many years providing security to a lot of homes. Insuring against uncertain situations like Natural Calamities, Burglary, or theft will cause a huge lose and result

Home Loan cleared? You have to do these tasks!

It’s a mix of pleasure and relief clearing off your Home Loan. Now, you own the home without any overheads hanging. No EMI dedication from the coming month. The effort you took over the years right from Applying for the

Did you know about these Types of Home Loans?

Home Loans can help a lot of people achieve their dream of buying a Home. The demand for Home loans has spiked over the last two decades making it a popular option to finance Home buying. There are many Banks,

Understand How Your Loan against Property is processed!

A secured loan that can be availed for any purpose without any restriction and end use of the sanctioned principal is a Loan against Property. It is similar to all other loans in many aspects but varies in some key

About to default on Home loan? Know the Consequences!

Taking a Home Loan is a long-term responsibility that extends upto 3 decades. So, before making a commitment to owning a house, you need to evaluate from all angles to make sure you are ready to apply for a Home

Bank or NBFC? Where will you avail Home Loan?

Home Loans unlike short-term loans such as Vehicle Loans, Personal loans, etc are much more responsible and have a long tenure. It needs utmost commitment towards repayment else you lose your money as well as collateral assets. The first question

Availing a Home Loan? Be sure of these major terms in the discussion!

With help of financial support and assistance from Banks and Housing Finance Companies, one can make their dream of owning a home come true. Availing Home Loan helps finance the home you want to buy and repay in monthly installments.

Money Mango Home Loan Balance Transfer

Paying High Interest on Home Loan? Try Balance Transfer!

Loan facility provided by Banks and NBFCs has made the dreams of a lot of people to own a place of their own come true. However, not everyone’s dream come at the same price! Lenders employ a lot of norms

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